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Conducting and Choir Training work includes being Director of the chamber choir  ‘FineChants’ and Conductor to the ‘Occasional  Choir’ - a London based Charity Choir of 60  voices.

Gary is one of a new generation of Adjudicators who offer positive, helpful  and cheerful  advice to performers  of all ages and abilities.  He is  happy to apply his adjudicating experience in  all musical disciplines and regards those who take part more as performers than  ‘competitors’.

Gary relaxes by messing about on narrowboats on English Waterways.

Gary’s latest CD features music by Stanley Vann, sometime organist of Peterborough Cathedral,  and the first recording of the  ‘Kenneth Leighton  Memorial Album’ which he  compiled and to which he  contributed. The recording was  made by Priory Records on the new organs of Chelmsford Cathedral, and copies are  available direct from Gary.

The ‘Kenneth Leighton Memorial Album’ is available from Banks Music Publications in  York. Return to the home page to listen to a track.